APA Teamsters Local 1224 Letter of Support for TWU Local 577
9/21/2016 8:58:31 AM by TWU Local 577

The following letter was sent to the TWU Local 577 Negotiating Committee from our pilot's union, APA Teamsters Local 1224. You may find a copy of the letter on our website.


Voting opens tomorrow, September 21, 2016 at 1:00 P.M., EDT (10:00 A.M., PDT). Please consider your options carefully prior to casting your vote. Once your vote is cast, it cannot be changed.


In Unity,
Your TWU Local 577 Negotiating Committee


September 14, 2016


Allegiant Air Flight Attendants,


On behalf of all Allegiant Air pilots, we extend our congratulations on achieving a tentative agreement (TA) after many long and difficult years of negotiations. Every first contract secured by an airline group is a milestone and, speaking from experience, a first contract wrested from an especially difficult management is truly something to be proud of and to celebrate.


As with any negotiated agreement, there will be things about the TA that you like as well as some items that you wish were better. If you were to ask your flight attendant bargaining committee volunteers, I'm sure that each and every contract section originally proposed by the union committee was crafted to maximize the flight attendants’ wages, benefits and terms of employment at Allegiant. In order to secure the TA, your committee undoubtedly had to make changes and find compromises relating to many of their original, opening contract proposals. I am equally sure that they would not have entered into a TA unless they were certain that it represented the very best that could be achieved by any bargaining committee. While some of its terms may not be perfect, when considered as a complete, integrated contract, the TA does improve the flight attendants’ wages, benefits and working conditions.


The Allegiant flight attendants are now faced with the same choice the Allegiant pilots recently faced – a contract or no contract. In making that choice, I urge you to carefully review the TA and to carefully consider how it will benefit you and your fellow flight attendants. The TA provides for immediate pay increases and improvements in your quality of life. More importantly, you will no longer be an at will employee. With a contract, you will have the ability and the protected right to file a grievance, and management will no longer be the final authority as to the meaning of your work rules. The union security provisions in the TA additionally provide the flight attendants with the financial ability required to defend your agreement.


It is my understanding that your TA vote will also include a strike authorization. No one ever desires going on strike, but at the end of the day labor’s most effective tool is the withholding of our services. The overwhelmingly united voice of the Allegiant pilots’ in our vote to strike undeniably had a positive effect on the outcome of our negotiations. As union brothers and sisters, you can be sure that the Allegiant pilots stand by you and fully support your efforts now and in the future. You have our commitment to honor any potential strike or picket line conducted by the flight attendants.




Captain Cameron Graff, Executive Council Chairman
Captain Corey Berger, Executive Council Member


Allegiant Air Pilots Executive Council
APA Teamsters Local 122