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TWU Local 577 - Contract NOW!
6/9/2017 12:00:00 PM by TWU Local 577
Thank you for the amazing response to our “Contract NOW!” campaign. We continue to get numerous submissions every day, and we love the creative ways our Flight Attendants (and some Pilots) have shown their support for the Negotiating Team as they fight for a fair contract for our Members.
We have received a few reports of Flight Attendants leaving signs in the gate areas. This is a violation of company and airport policies, so please make sure you take all signs and pass them on to someone else. Also remember that we must follow all procedures under the Railway Labor Act and cannot encourage any kind of slowdown, work to rule, or refusal to pick up extra flying that could appear to be a form of “self-help”.
As we move forward, please ensure that all activities supporting our negotiations are coordinated by the Negotiating Team. Through our united efforts, we will send the message to Management that we are committed to achieve a fair contract for all Allegiant Flight Attendants.
We will be releasing the results of the Contract NOW! campaign on Monday, so If you haven't sent your photo in yet, please join us! Download a sign, take a selfie, and send it to us by replying to this message.