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Tentative Agreement Update and Voter Registration
8/24/2016 9:35:00 AM by TWU Local 577
On Monday & Tuesday of this week, your Negotiating Committee met with Allegiant Air Management to finalize the language of the Tentative Agreement (TA), and ensure that our intent behind the language of the Agreement matched with the intent of Management. We are happy to report that, in most cases, our intent and our language matched, and we confirmed the "check-off" of most sections. In the few sections where we did find issues, we were able to resolve those issues, and we are moving to the next step of our process.
We are ready to begin the educational component for our Tentative Agreement. We will kick off our "TA Educational Tour" with a Conference Call on Tuesday, August 30th at 12:00 P.M., EDT (9:00 A.M., PDT). We will send you the call details and a link to an accompanying presentation on Sunday. There will be a "Question & Answer" session with the Negotiating Committee after the presentation. As we stated in our previous messages, we will be issuing TA Highlights in addition to the full-text of the Agreement. Then, after we complete the onsite education (dates and locations to be announced), we will open elections and send you ballot credentials so you can cast your ratification vote on the TA.
One issue we were not able to resolve with Management involved the use of company e-mail addresses. We requested one-time use of the "" e-mail addresses to ensure every Flight Attendant with Allegiant Air received their ballot credentials. Unfortunately, we were not granted permission to use those addresses. So we are, once again, requesting your help.
If you are receiving this e-mail directly from, then you are registered to vote, and you will receive your ballot credentials after we complete our Base visits. There is no need for you to register again. But we ask that you check with you friends and co-workers. If they are not subscribed to our e-mail database, they will NOT receive credentials, and once voting opens, it will be too late. They MUST register to vote in order to receive these credentials.
If you know anyone who unsubscribed to our list or does receive our e-mails, please ask them to visit to register. Currently, the voter registration page is the Home Page of this site. Once our educational materials and the full-text of the TA are published, these materials will also be available at, and the "Voter Registration" page will be a separate link. We will send out another e-mail with that link when we determine a final date for registrations.
If you have any questions about the process of voting or registering to vote, please reply to this message, and we will respond to you as soon as we can.