TWU Local 577 News

Negotiating Committee Update - 5/19/2016
5/19/2016 10:22:39 PM by TWU Local 577
Your Negotiating Table Team, Marilou Resendes, Michael Jenkins, Todd Semingson, and TWU International Vice President Thom McDaniel, have just concluded another negotiation session in Houston, TX with Allegiant Management and our Federal Mediator. We are pleased to report that we made some progress, even though we had to cut today’s meeting short to allow participants to travel home due to the threat of severe thunderstorms.
During the last two sessions, your NT and Management have engaged in productive talks concerning Vacation and Sick Leave Articles. We have reached agreements on everything in these articles except vacation grants and pay and sick leave accrual which are currently being discussed as part of the comprehensive economic issues.
During our most recent session, the Federal Mediator asked both sides to compile a joint list on the status of the negotiations, detailing which items we believe remain open. We have not reached joint agreement on the following items:
  • Duration - Length of the contract
  • Scope - Outsourcing and a reopener if Allegiant begins international travel
  • Expenses - Per diem rate
  • Compensation - Rates of pay, pay scale, mission mode premium pay
  • Vacation - Vacation grants and daily rate
  • Sick Leave - Accrual and maximum
  • Definitions - Contractual terms
  • Implementation Schedule - When articles are implemented after ratification
  • Attendance Policy
Your Union has given Management an updated comprehensive proposal, and they will respond to that at our next meeting. We have tentatively scheduled our next session for July, and we will let you know when the dates are confirmed.
Tomorrow is the deadline for all those nominated for the open NT positions to accept the nominations. Voting information will be sent out next week.
We remain cautiously optimistic about our progress. Please continue to show solidarity by wearing your lanyards and pins. Most of all, remember that a united and informed Membership is the key to our success.