TWU Local 577 News

Negotiating Committee Update - 4/1/2016
4/1/2016 3:30:33 PM by TWU Local 577
Your TWU Local 577 Negotiating Table Team - Marilou Resendes, Michael Jenkins, and Todd Semingson, along with TWU International Vice President Thom McDaniel - have just returned from the first, 3-day mediation session we’ve had with Allegiant Air Management in a year. 
The session began with a review of the package proposals presented at the last session to determine whether there had been any changes at Allegiant that needed to be addressed in the contract. After identifying the relevant topics for discussion, your NT held productive discussions for the remainder of the session. 
While we still have issues to resolve in our proposals, we know that we will not reach an agreement unless we are working toward consensus, and we are glad to be back at the table doing that. Unfortunately, we were not able to schedule our next meeting dates, but we look forward to hearing from our Mediator with that information.
Thank you to all who have submitted interest to run for the position of Negotiating Team and volunteer as Base Representatives. We will soon be releasing election and training details for the positions.
We are moving forward, and we must move forward together. If you haven’t done so, please request your Union Pin and Lanyard to show support for your Negotiating Team and for a fair Contract for our Allegiant Flight Attendants.