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Say "No" to the Union-busters by Voting "YES" for TWU
2/4/2016 6:05:15 PM by TWU Local 577

When G4 Unity began collecting authorization cards, they told Allegiant Air Flight Attendants that they had no intention to decertify our Union. They said they just wanted to put pressure on the Union. We don’t know whether that was truly their original intent or not, but shortly after that campaign started, it appears their union busting firm (RWP) advised them to change their name to “Allegiant 4 Me." Then they introduced more aggressive, Union-busting tactics with a far more destructive “end-game.”

There were reports of Flight Attendants feeling pressured when some anti-Union ATS asked them to sign a card during their evaluations. Trainees were required to attend hour-long mandatory meetings where they were sequestered and subjected to anti-union rhetoric from Management. Some mentors even received Trainees’ contact information to invite them to pizza parties where they were asked to sign cards to de-certify your Union.
Many Flight Attendants reported feeling intimidated and used. Some resented that time that should have been used for training was used to try to bust the union. Some even requested that their signed cards be returned. However their requests were ignored, and Steve Stoecker and RWP filed them with the NMB.
Management and RWP did (and said) anything to get a signed card and try to decertify our Union. Ultimately, however, you get to make the final decision. Say “no” to their deceptive tactics. Say “no” to their attempt to take away your voice in the workplace. Most of all, say “no” to the division that their attempt to decertify your Union has caused. The only way to say “no” to their tactics (and the only way to “get your card back” and secure yourself a fair Contract and a strong Union) is to Vote for “YES” TWU!
Please visit the Voting Information page on the updated if you have any questions. You may also reply to this message with any questions, and we will respond.