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Message from a G4 Flight Attendant and TWU Local 577 Member - LAS Flight Crew Meetings
1/19/2016 12:49:00 PM by TWU Local 577
Hello, TWU Members:
(And, yes - we are all TWU members)!
I just got off the TWU Local 577 Town Hall Call, and I am so glad that we are having an honest discussion about what is at risk if we lose our Union. I was going to write out a lengthy time table of what has happened since the TWU was voted in back in 2010, but I changed my mind. I want to keep it pleasant, short, and truthful. There is no need for video; no need for false statements; no need to criticize the company or the Allegiant4me movement.
I am not a “straw man” to have my name out there - I’m an Allegiant Air Flight Attendant that wants best for all of us. I was here when the Company promised they would listen to us if we voted down another union. As soon as we rejected that union, those promises were broken. We cannot afford go to down that road again, so here is what I think we need to do:
I encourage all Allegiant Air Flight Attendants to rally and stay unified on our path to obtain a contract with the TWU. We are so close! You can even see our progress on our website. With that being said, let’s get together on February 9 in LAS for a TWU meeting and a “Q and A” session. It’s a Tuesday. I know it is your day off, but let’s get some “new blood” there. We want most of the base to come and discuss our future. We can get Skype going as well (it has been successful in the past), so other bases can participate. Thom McDaniel from the TWU will be there to moderate the meeting and answer questions.
I think that if we all get together as a group to discuss and debate what is left to do, everyone can make an educated decision on how to vote! Our new Flight Attendants, who haven’t been involved in our Union, will have the chance to see what our Union is all about. Let’s unite! Because if we lose our Union, we will lose our VOICE.
In Unity,
Mel Lancaster
Thanks to Mel for sharing her story!
The details for the meetings in Las Vegas are below:

Thanks to Mel for sharing her story!

The details for the meetings in Las Vegas are below:

Date: February 9, 2016
Two Sessions
National Association of Letter Carriers
2620 East Sunset Rd.
Las Vegas, NV 89120
(702) 736-5290