Mediation This Week
3/23/2015 8:01:01 PM by Admin 577
Great news! Our Negotiating Team (NT) is on their way to Springfield, MO for a three-day bargaining session to be held this Wednesday through Friday, March 25-27 with our Federal Mediator and the Company.
Our team’s communication to the National Mediation Board (NMB) and the Company has always been and remains that we are prepared to meet any place, anytime. The NMB confirmed our dates last week and our NT is ready.
3/16/2015 2:32:05 PM by Admin 577
The new edition of Contract Is Our Deal, the official newsletter of TWU Local 577 is available now.
This issue includes Pilot update, ASAP Report and more.
Our Unity, Our Strength
2/28/2015 2:37:51 PM by Admin 577
As we forge ahead in our quest to a Contract, one thing is clear - the power of our voice will win the day. Everyday we’re seeing and hearing about more and more of our fellow coworkers showing support for our Union and our pilots by wearing their Union pin, lanyard and Contract 2015 unity bracelets.
"The more Flight Attendants we have showing their support,” Lynette Roberts, PIE based Flight Attendant said. “ The better the company will understand our fight."
There They Go Again…Follow the Money
2/19/2015 11:41:19 AM by Admin 577
In their continuing effort to mislead our Members, the union buster Russ Brown has stooped to a new low. The attorney for Brown’s union busting company has filed a bogus complaint with the Department of Labor and leaked the story to an online news page claiming that TWU Local 577 has not filed financial records with the Department of Labor. There is a very good reason for this.  Our Local Union does not have any financial records to report.
Show Us The LOVE!
2/14/2015 12:34:51 PM by Admin 577
We want to thank you for indulging us this week as we realize we have communicated an abundance of information that may have you feeling overwhelmed. While it is certainly not our intention to inundate you, we felt it was necessary to share our perspective with you. In the last three articles we highlighted some evidence that suggests Maury and our management are attempting to fracture our union and weaken our resolve. We've asked you to look at the facts, make comparisons, draw conclusions and decide what's best for our workgroup in an effort to secure a legally binding contract...
What's the Plan?
2/13/2015 1:21:09 PM by Admin 577

In the third article of our Tough Love series, we want to discuss Russ Brown and his plan for securing contractually binding agreement for the Flight Attendants of Allegiant. Russ Brown touts himself as the CEO of RWP Labor, LLC "The Nations Premier full service Management-side Labor Relations Firm." That sounds impressive until...

2/12/2015 11:38:49 AM by Admin 577
As we promised yesterday, in our second edition of our Tough Love series, we would like to provide you with some education on commonly used union busting tactics and techniques. We believe that this information will help you rationalize and navigate some of the recent events we have witnessed in our interactions with management. For the purposes of this article we will be referencing the book Confessions of a Union Buster, written by Martin J. Levitt, to provide some perspective on this topic. While Mr. Levitt is by no means a candidate for sainthood, he does offer us a valuable glimpse into the work and methodology of a union buster through his experiences administering over 200 union busting campaigns.