The Real Smoke & Mirrors
8/1/2015 6:04:36 PM by Admin 577
You may have recently received a message from “Allegiant 4 Me” warning you to “Watch Out for Smoke and Mirrors.” While we may disagree with “Allegiant 4 Me” supporters on much of their rhetoric and tactics, we completely agree with them on this issue. You should absolutely watch out for “smoke and mirrors” — and here’s why.
“Allegiant 4 Me” started out as a group called “G4 Unity.” They formed in late 2014 in response to our Lead Negotiator resigning from our Negotiating Team. Publically, “G4 Unity” claimed to be a group trying to bring our work group together - to hold our Union accountable. They assured everyone that they did not want to decertify our Union. 
Shortly thereafter, “G4 Unity” changed its name to “Allegiant 4 Me.” This was after becoming associated with Russell Brown, the President of RWP Labor, LLC. On their website, RWP claims to be “The nation’s premier full service management-side labor relations firm." It states that "RWP is a collaboration of the best of the best labor consultants.” If you dig a little deeper, what you actually find is that RWP has been in existence for barely six months (since January 2015), has no published physical address, and lists less than 10 actual employees. One of those employees is Russell Brown’s brother, Rusty ( It seems unlikely that this “management-side labor relations firm” is the nation’s premier anything after a mere six months in business. It’s also suspicious that they were formed at the exact same time as “G4 Unity.” Does it strike you as strange that a group that supposedly has your best interests at heart has aligned itself with a consultancy group that will not divulge its funders and, in its own words, is aligned with the "management-side" of labor? Is it possible this company is a union-busting front group that doesn’t have the Allegiant employees’ best interests in mind?
Important letter of support from our Pilots
7/17/2015 2:00:31 PM by Admin 577

This week your Negotiating Team received a letter from our Pilots represented by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT). Our Pilots know first hand what a difficult fight we are in and how important it is to remain united. Please pass this on to every Flight Attendant you know and you can also print copies on IBT letterhead here.

Day of Action - July 16
7/15/2015 3:58:55 PM by Admin 577

We are not alone in our ongoing struggle for a contract. United Airlines flight attendants, represented by CWA-AFA, have been mired in negotiations for four and a half years without a joint contract. They have asked fellow flight attendants from across our industry to join them in a day of action tomorrow, July 16, 2015. Find picket locations here.


Length of Negotiations
7/11/2015 1:07:57 PM by Admin 577
There has been much focus of discussion on the length of time for a contract since TWU was voted in to represent the Flight Attendants of Allegiant. At the first negotiation meeting between our Negotiating Team and Management’s NT, our NT presented a complete full text proposal. In that meeting the attorney for Allegiant laughed at our NT for presenting a full text complete proposal and stated that first contracts take years to negotiate. Our NT was not to be deterred and worked aggressively to reach our first contract.
7/7/2015 9:29:50 PM by Admin 577
Last week a group of our Fellow Flight Attendants with the assistance of a union busting firm filed cards with the National Mediation Board in an attempt to try to decertify our Union. Many of our Members have stated that they were told that signing a card was just a way to get information. Others were told that cards were being collected “just in case” a vote needed to be taken. Others have reported that they were approached by a Mentor or ATS to sign a card. While we know that most of our Mentors or ATS were not soliciting cards, some were doing so blatantly and that is highly improper. Unfortunately it appears that those attempting to decertify were willing to say anything to get cards signed. If you signed a card for any of these reasons or witnessed these tactics, it is time to speak out.
7/2/2015 12:59:30 PM by Admin 577
Yesterday, your Negotiating Team was notified by the National Mediation Board that Steve Stoecker, a BLI based Allegiant Flight Attendant, had filed a petition with the National Mediation Board for a “representation election” to replace TWU as our bargaining representative. This act may have you asking how a single Flight Attendant with limited resources and no expertise would be able to represent our work group against Allegiant Air’s millions of dollars and legal resources. The answer is simple – Steve Stoecker has no intent to represent you. He has stated as much. His strategy is to take away your voice in the workplace by filing the NMB petition and then turning around and asking the Allegiant Flight Attendants not to vote for him, but instead to vote for “No Union”.
6/22/2015 3:27:39 PM by Admin 577
As you may be aware, there is a small group of anti-Union employees trying to decertify our Union and take away our voice in the workplace. They may or may not be working with management, but in either case, if they succeed, this will only weaken us and prevent us from achieving what is most important and what the company wants to deny us –the protection and life improvements that a legally binding contract will secure.