Protect Your Future! Vote "YES" for TWU!
1/15/2016 2:59:56 PM by TWU Local 577

As you know, the National Mediation Board (NMB) has scheduled a representation election for our workgroup to determine if we will continue to allow the TWU be our bargaining representative. Ballots will be sent out by the NMB on January 28, and they will be counted on February 25. Our question is - WHY? Why are any of our co-workers and their third-party consultants working to undermine the choice we made four years ago? Why would anyone work against the interests of ALL Allegiant Air Flight Attendants to compromise our quality of life? And why would we trust anyone who is pushing a personal agenda at the expense of their Allegiant Air “family.”


Over the past four years, your Union - comprised of YOUR co-workers - has been fighting in good faith for a legal contract. YOUR Union has been actively working to represent our Members in disciplinary matters. YOUR Union has been proactively addressing the safety concerns many of us have. Do we really want to return to the days where we must rely on Maury’s goodwill to recieve fair compensation, safe working conditions, and even the most basic rights in the workplace? Do we want to depend on Steve Stoecker, who appears to be putting his political agendas ahead of the safety and security of his co-workers to defend, negotiate, and uphold our work rules?

The Future of Your Local Union is in Jeopardy
1/6/2016 9:59:38 PM by Admin 577
Today, the Transport Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO (TWU) received notice that the National Mediation Board (NMB) accepted the authorization cards filed by Steve Stoecker in an effort to decertify your elected Union, TWU Local 577, as your authorized bargaining representative under the Railway Labor Act. While we are disappointed in this decision, we will use this as an opportunity to strengthen our position to achieve a fair contract for you and all of the Flight Attendants of Allegiant Air.
It has been over five years since we voted to approve the TWU as our Union. During that time, your Negotiating Team, Base Representatives, and Shop Stewards have worked hard to secure a fair contract and represent you, our Members. In that journey we have achieved several successes. We secured the right for our Members to have a Shop Steward in disciplinary meetings. We have protested the abuse of our part-time Flight Attendants. We have developed a united front with our Pilots of Teamsters Local 1224, who are fighting the same battle we are for a safe and secure workplace. We have continued to address our safety concerns.
An Update Concerning Per Diem & Bonuses
11/18/2015 5:37:02 PM by Admin 577

 Yesterday, Maury announced that all Allegiant employees, below the position of Vice President, will be receiving a one-time bonus of approximately 5% to recognize your contributions to the tremendous monetary success Allegiant had over the last year. Congratulations! You earned it, and you deserve it!

He also announced that he will increase the per diem for all employees except for Flight Attendants and Pilots, because they are unionized. and that other non-unionized employees will be receiving additional paid holidays, sick time, and enhanced PTO accrual. This should the straw that breaks the camel’s back for all Allegiant Flight Attendants and Pilots.
These items have been “on the table” for years and now Maury has singled out our workgroups in a blatant effort to punish us in his continuing effort to try and break our unions.

In our last update, we were excited to report that, after many months, our federal mediator had determined there was no legal reason why we could not continue to meet to try to reach a fair contract. He also notified our Union and Management that he would schedule a mediation session for your TWU Local Negotiating Team and Allegiant Air Management for November 3-5, after determining a location. Unfortunately, late last week, we were notified by the mediator that because of NMB budgetary issues and personal health issues he would not be able to attend the meeting. Anxious to get back to the table, your Negotiating Team requested that Allegiant Air Management meet without the mediator. Management informed us they were unwilling to meet without the mediator. They felt that “it is inappropriate to negotiate with the TWU during the pending representation matter.”

Allegiant Pilots File for Release from Mediation...
10/15/2015 5:38:49 PM by Admin 577

...Call for Company to Get Serious about Company’s Future


WASHINGTON – After nearly three years of Allegiant Air refusing to agree to an industry-standard contract with its pilots, today the Allegiant Air pilots renewed their request to the National Mediation Board (NMB) to be released from mediated negotiations with the airline.

International Brotherhood of Teamsters Airline Division Director David Bourne personally delivered the request to the NMB. He also advised the NMB that Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa has pledged his and the International Union’s full support of the pilots’ request.  


In response, the NMB may offer the pilots, represented by the Airline Professionals Association, Teamsters Local 1224, and the airline the opportunity to have remaining contract issues decided by a neutral third-party arbitrator. If either the union or the airline refuse to arbitrate the dispute, a 30-day "cooling off" period would be triggered and the pilots could then be free to strike any time after the period ends.


FMLA and Flight Attendants' Unions
10/6/2015 4:09:52 PM by Admin 577

When we discuss the importance of having our Union, we usually focus on the strength that we have when individual workers stand together for a common cause. As Flight Attendants however, unionizing also provides great benefits to our profession overall. The Flight Attendant Union Coalition has been in existence for over 40 years and represents over 100,000 unionized Flight Attendants in the United States, including those represented by TWU. The Coalition meets on a regular basis to discuss and take action on important issues for Flight Attendants. Some issues that you might be familiar with are keeping knives off aircraft, the “24 in 7” rest regulation, and very important adjustments to the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

It's Time to Secure Our Contract and Our Future
8/26/2015 2:14:15 PM by Marilou Resendes
My name is Marilou Resendes. For those of you who I haven't met, I started with Allegiant Air as a Customer Service agent in PIE eight years ago. For the past six years, I have been an Allegiant Air Flight Attendant based in PIE. Prior to that, I was a Northwest Airlines Flight Attendant. I am also one of our original TWU Union organizers, and I have been sitting at the table as an original Member of our Negotiating Team since we began negotiations.
I realized we needed our own Union at Allegiant when I saw we were faced with multiple delays and had our duty periods extended for up to 20 hours. I became convinced that contractual protections could help with the safety issues associated with working on excessively hot aircraft in the summer or dealing with having no air carts working or available. Our complaints to Management seemed to fall on deaf ears, and I saw no end in sight and received no adequate explanations for these issues. Before I became a Flight Attendant, our work group had tried to organize a Union. Management made big promises to work with our Flight Attendant Committee, and as soon as the AFA vote failed, Management resumed their practice of daily-changing work rules, and they forgot their promise to work with our Representatives. That is why we voted in TWU.