1/29/2015 11:31:43 AM by Admin 577
Please join our team next week at two important meetings in Florida. We will be discussing our upcoming mediation session, current business and dispelling rumors.

Allegiant makes AP today. Thanks to our Flight Attendants of Local 577 for taking care of our passengers and fellow crew members.


Associated Press, January 22, 2015. Read story at Here

Invite Your Friends!
1/21/2015 6:06:03 PM by Admin 577
Over the last two weeks, we have held informational meetings in LAS, IWA, and PGD. The meetings were well attended and were a great opportunity for our Members to get accurate information, get questions answered, and get involved. The consensus of the meeting is that if we want a Contract, we have to be informed and involved Members.
Pilots send 577 letter of support
1/15/2015 6:27:03 PM by Admin 577
Fellow members of labor;
Our brothers and sisters of TWU Local 577
This message is from Daniel C. Wells, on behalf of the Teamsters of Local 1224, including your fellow Allegiant employees, the pilots.
Dear Brothers and Sisters:
LAS Meeting Pilot Picket Success
1/15/2015 10:45:40 AM by Admin 577

This week there were two Local 577 informational meetings held in Las Vegas with your Negotiating Team and Advisor about the status of our Contract Negotiations and our Union. The meetings were well attended and gave an opportunity for Members to receive accurate information, bust rumors, get answers to their questions and truly understand what we have to do to achieve the contract that we all want and deserve. We will provide further updates on the information from the meetings and what you can do to help us reach a Contract, but we would like to thank the Members who were able to attend.  It was great to see or meet you all.

Informational Picketing & Meeting Schedule
1/11/2015 6:51:28 PM by Admin 577

Our Pilots represented by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) will be holding Informational Picketing events on Tuesday, January 13 in selected bases and would love your support. Informational picketing is not a strike; it is to send a message to Allegiant Air and the public that we all deserve fair Contracts. This is our first opportunity to support our Pilots as they have supported us in the past. The IBT has asked that Local 577 Members do not wear uniforms or wings, but instead wear TWU lanyards and/or any other TWU branded apparel that you have. Please see additional information in a message from IBT at the end of this communication.


"Me too" is not a "Win Win"
1/9/2015 8:49:39 PM by Admin 577

Over the last few weeks, there has been information distributed via social media and email that is not only harmful to our work group efforts to secure a fair contract, but is also incorrect and misleading. Up to this point, your Negotiating Team has remained respectful of the process that we all agreed to including the confidentiality agreement that we all signed, however due to violations of the ground rules and agreement, it is necessary to set the record straight on the issue of Union Security. This is a lengthy message, but please take the time to read it, because you deserve the truth.