TWU Local 577 News

Register to VOTE for your Negotiating Committee
4/22/2016 8:30:42 AM by TWU Local 577

 We know that you have all been patiently awaiting the elections of vacant negotiators that we have pledged to fill. For our newer Members, when we elected our original Negotiating Team Members, we asked our Flight Attendants to show up at a specified location in each base and cast their vote in person. We have grown a lot since then, so we have been seeking options to give every Member a chance to vote if they choose.

We are now preparing for elections for the TWU 577 Negotiating Committee. It is vital that we limit election participation to Flight Attendants in good standing at Allegiant Airlines. In order to achieve our past goals of comprehensive communications, we collected e-mail addresses that were not necessarily associated with names. We hoped that Allegiant Airlines would allow us to reach out to you via “allegiantair” addresses, but they refused our request. So, in order to ensure the only people voting are Allegiant Flight Attendants, we are asking everyone to register to vote.
Negotiating Committee Update - 4/1/2016
4/1/2016 3:30:33 PM by TWU Local 577
Your TWU Local 577 Negotiating Table Team - Marilou Resendes, Michael Jenkins, and Todd Semingson, along with TWU International Vice President Thom McDaniel - have just returned from the first, 3-day mediation session we’ve had with Allegiant Air Management in a year. 
The session began with a review of the package proposals presented at the last session to determine whether there had been any changes at Allegiant that needed to be addressed in the contract. After identifying the relevant topics for discussion, your NT held productive discussions for the remainder of the session. 
While we still have issues to resolve in our proposals, we know that we will not reach an agreement unless we are working toward consensus, and we are glad to be back at the table doing that. Unfortunately, we were not able to schedule our next meeting dates, but we look forward to hearing from our Mediator with that information.
We Need You At the Negotiating Table – Take Action Today!
3/10/2016 8:33:57 PM by TWU Local 577

 We are excited to announce that our negotiations are moving forward. Yesterday, we were notified that the National Mediation Board (NMB) has scheduled a three-day negotiating session in El Paso, TX on March 29th through the 31st.

While we are continuing the process of restoring our full Negotiating Committee through elections, three of our original, elected Negotiating Team Members, Marilou Resendes (PIE), Michael Jenkins (LAS), and Todd Semingson (IWA) will be attending the session - but they won’t be alone. Please take the time to sign this petition to demonstrate that you stand with your Negotiating Team, and show your support for their efforts to reach a fair contract. This petition will remain open until 11:59 PM (EST) on March 25. Please share this petition with all the Allegiant Flight Attendants on your contact list or in your social media circles.
Congratulations to TWU Local 577!
2/24/2016 5:26:42 PM by TWU Local 577
Today, February 25, 2016, the Flight Attendants of Allegiant Air voted "YES!" to remain under the banner of the Transport Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO (TWU). This decertification campaign has been a distraction from our ongoing commitment to secure a legally-enforceable Contract with Allegiant Air Management, but we ultimately prevailed. This is further proof of what we can accomplish when we work together!
Now that the votes have been counted, it’s critical that we come together as one unit so we can prepare to bargain with Management from a position of strength and unity. Regardless of how you voted, we are all Flight Attendants with Allegiant Air, and we’re all in this together, so it's critical that we unify our voices to take on the company and wage a successful contract campaign.
While we should take a moment to enjoy this success, the real work is about to begin anew. Our first order of business will be the selection of new Negotiating Team members. We need to return to the table with Management immediately, and we need to explore all of our options - including pursuing a coordinated legislative agenda - to ensure that our voices are heard. If you are interested in participating in your future and working together to re-build our foundation, please click here, and give us your name and contact information. We’ll be sure to get back to you with ways you can participate.