TWU Local 577 News

Your TWU Negotiating Team is proud to announce that after five years of negotiations, we have reached an Agreement in Principle with Allegiant Air Management on our historic, first Contract. At the end of this week’s three-day session, we resolved all remaining open issues, and we have reached Tentative Agreements on all articles of our future contract.

This six-year Agreement includes a twelve-year pay scale, hourly increases upon ratification and each year, a per diem increase, a grievance process, and improved sick leave and vacation for our Allegiant Air Flight Attendants.
Congratulations to the Allegiant Pilots from TWU Local 577!
6/22/2016 1:03:24 PM by TWU Local 577
On behalf of the Allegiant Air Flight Attendants, represented by Transport Workers Union Local 577, please join us in sending enthusiastic congratulations to our Allegiant Air Pilots, represented by the Airline Professionals Association, Teamsters Local 1224, and Allegiant Air Management on reaching their first Tentative Agreement today.
Negotiating Committee Update - 5/19/2016
5/19/2016 10:22:39 PM by TWU Local 577
Your Negotiating Table Team, Marilou Resendes, Michael Jenkins, Todd Semingson, and TWU International Vice President Thom McDaniel, have just concluded another negotiation session in Houston, TX with Allegiant Management and our Federal Mediator. We are pleased to report that we made some progress, even though we had to cut today’s meeting short to allow participants to travel home due to the threat of severe thunderstorms.
During the last two sessions, your NT and Management have engaged in productive talks concerning Vacation and Sick Leave Articles. We have reached agreements on everything in these articles except vacation grants and pay and sick leave accrual which are currently being discussed as part of the comprehensive economic issues.